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Thru Our Eyes, Podcast 1: Bio X4

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Bio X4 is a synthetic enzymatic mixture which consists of four active ingredients. These active ingredients include 13 billion CFUs i.e. Colony Forming Units of probiotic bacteria, an enzymatic blend of bromelain and amylase, EGCG i.e. Epigallocatechin Gallate, and a natural extract of Caralluma Fimbriata.

All of these ingredients synergistically work to provide a wide range of health benefits which include improvement of GI functions, suppression of appetite, lipid metabolism, potentiating the natural weight loss mechanism, activity against lactose-intolerance, inflammation, and allergic reactions in the body (full bio x4 review here).

Let’s take a look at how bio x4 works to treat lactose-intolerance and inflammation in an individual.

Role of Bio X4 in Treating Lactose-Intolerance

Lactose-intolerance is a genetic deficiency of an enzyme beta-galactosidase due to which the lactose of milk and other dairy products is not converted into its simplest monosaccharide units i.e. galactose and glucose.  When this un-hydrolyzed lactose reaches the large intestine, it goes through bowel-enzyme degradation which causes osmotic diarrhea in an individual (see here).